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Upgrade Toast 10 To11 - Is 11 Ram-Allocation Optimized On Mac Os 10.8?

Dave Ratcliffe


I bought Toast 10 Titanium in 2011 to burn music CDs on my Mac mini running OS 10.6 wih 2.26 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor.


I upgraded the mac mini to OS 10.8 this summer. Now when I burn 2 or 3 music CDs of .aif files the Mac utility, "Activity Monitor" shows a vast increase in Inactive System Memory filling up more than half of the 8 GB RAM installed in the machine.


I am thinking of upgrading to Toast 11. However I notice that in System Requirements, <http://www.roxio.com...uirements.html>, it says,

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Mac® computer with an Intel® processor
  • 1 GB RAM (2 GB RAM recommended for Pro)
  • Mac OS® X 10.5, 10.6 or 10.7*

Since this since release of Toast 11 1.) does not list 10.8 in requirements and, 2.) is still supposed to work all the way back on 10.5, I assume the lack of RAM optimization I am seeing with Toast 10 on OS 10.8 will still be an issue with Toast 11.


Question: Has anyone who runs Toast 11 on Mac OS 10.8 seen the same poor RAM allocation I am seeing with Toast 10?


Thank you,


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I haven't paid any attention to RAM allocation but the failure to update the system requirements information is just neglect by Corel. A year ago Toast 11 was rewritten in Cocoa to work better with future OS versions and released as a Toast 11.1 update. Corel just released a 11.2 update. All previous versions of Toast were written using Carbon. I don't know anything about Carbon and Cocoa but I was told this was a big deal that took Roxio nearly a year to complete. So Toast 11.2 does work well with OS 10.8 and 10.9.


I haven't checked the burn speeds with 11.2 but 11.1 burned discs slower than any previous Toast version. Maybe that also means better RAM allocation. Maybe not.


In any case, you can purchase Toast 11.2 from Corel and take advantage of their 30-day refund policy if it doesn't meet your expectations.

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