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Signal Keeps Getting Lost?



I have not had a problem with the Roxio game cap HD yet, and I've owned this for about a year (almost a year?), decided to use it about a month of putting it aside and whenever I plug it in, get the program ready, it shows the preview just fine for about 2 seconds, then it freezes then it goes back and etc. I thought it was weird so I tried using xspit to see if it was the program, same thing, except it shows me the preview, then it shows me the screen notifying me that it's been disconnected, then preview, etc.


I tried reinstalling the roxio program, tried restarting, nothing seems to be working, could someone help, please?


EDIT: When I open both the roxio recording program and xsplit, it seems to work just fine, but only in the roxio program, but i have to do this everytime i open it. Not sure what's going on :S

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It is the easiest way to test the device...


Borrow one, invite a friend over that has one, even a laptop with HDMI output would do the trick ~ get creative ;)


I found somewhat of a small fix, as tedious as it is. Not sure what's going on

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What "small fix" did you find? Please don't keep it a secret!


I don't even know if it's an actual fix, it just seemed to work for me. :P All I did was open xsplit and the program, and whichever program was opened first will run the preview just fine.

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