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Message About Creator 2011 Split From A Hijacked Topic

Douglas Kelton


I have a Roxio creator 2011 download disc with product key but, when I put it in my d:/ drive it does nothing. I went to the store and purchased a Roxio easy cd & dvd burning program and when I put this into my d:/ drive it still does nothing! I do not know what is going on or how to find this in my d:/ drive so, I can download the product. I have the product key and everything I get online say download for Roxio creator 2011 but, when I get to the site to download the product key, it's saying that its not a valid number but, it is! It wants the product key for Roxio Creator Pro 2010 which is not the product that I have! I have the product key for Roxio Creator 2011 only and cannot find anywhere to download this! What can I do? Email address is: douglas_kelton72@yahoo.com. Thank you.

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you attached your message to someone else's unrelated topic, so it has been moved to make a topic of its own. Here we can deal with your problem without everything getting tangled up with the person who owns that other topic.


Your message is very confusing because you seem to say "download" when you mean "install", and also when you mean "input". Here is what I think you're trying to say. Would you please read through this next paragraph and confirm if I have it right, or correct anything I have got wrong. Then we can start helping you.


-I have a Creator 2011 install disc with product key, but when I put it in my D: drive it does not autostart and run.

-I purchased Easy CD & DVD Burning, but when I put that disc in my drive it does not autostart and run. I don't know how to start it running manually.

-when I try to input my Creator 2011 product key [where??] something asks me for a key for Creator Pro 2010.

-I don't have Creator Pro 2010, only Creator 2011.


Do I have it right? If not, which parts are wrong, please?



Which software do you want to install, now you have both Creator 2011 and Easy CD & DVD burning? You shouldn't be trying to install them both on the same system, and Creator 2011 will give you a lot more function than Easy CD & DVD burning. Please choose one, and we can work on that with you.


Waiting for your reply.



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I bought a Roxio easy CD & DVD burning program a few weeks ago and when I put it into my D;/ drive it is not responding at all. What can I do t solve this problem. Thank you.


What is not responding? The CD drive? Please explain what you are doing and exactly what is happening.


I just noticed you already have another topic with the same questions. Why don't you go back to that other topic and answer the questions asked instead of starting another topic?

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