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Really Confused And Lost About How To Capture Gamecube Gameplay



Okay, so first thing's first. I'm not the brightest bulb in the box. My friend and I both put in our money to buy the Roxio Game Capture card (The standard one. Note; we're pretty low on cash) She and I don't really have any more money to put into the situation, so here's my current problem.


I've been trying to get the card to work with my GameCube. A notable problem(?) is that I use a switchbox because my TV is old as dirt(Its a box TV, this may also be one of the problems) and against a wall, so its super difficult to get behind it to change the cables around. So, I opened up the box with the Card today, and then looked at the directions. What's there but a diagram! With things I don't have! My Gamecube composite cables come in a SET of THREE. Not five. What is this? What the heck? What am I supposed to do? I got my dad in here to help me, cause little ol' me can't understand a word of the things I found on the internet.


Well, he messed around with it, and eventually stuff showed up on the program in the boxy thingy. But it was either black and white with no sound, or green and blue with sound or red and green with sound. (With low refresh rates and audio skips to boot.) Okay. I figured it was my computer, since it's only downfall is boasting 2 gbs of RAM. So I borrowed a laptop with 4 gbs of RAM and acceptable specs and tried it. Same problem. Am I missing some cables, or is it just not possible to capture Gamecube gameplay? Or is my capture card wonked?


I'm so confused. Technical language is not my thing and I've had to google almost everything I find that will supposedly help me. If you can help me solve my problem, please tell me in a language I can understand.


I can code CSS but I can't plug cables into a box correctly? Yeah, apparently.

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From what I see here,which I got from a Nintendo page,the Gamecube has a Composite output.Yellow for Video and Red/White for Audio.

The capture device needs a Component input.Red/Blue/Green for video and Red/White for audio.




If you try plugging the Gamecube cable in then it probably won't work.


The only thing you could try is putting a Composite to Component converter in the middle.But that's gonna cost more cash.

Also you still need to connect to the TV with Component,which you may or may not be able to do.Gonna have to know more about the TV to tell for sure,but if it's an old CRT TV then chances are you can't.

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Thanks for your help. The TV is an old Sylvania. So I'm assuming that the capture card isn't going to work with anything that just has the composite outputs? Thing is, my xbox only has the three composite cables too I think, so does this just mean I can't use it at all?

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