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Easy Vhs To Dvd For Mac - Bought In The Us To Be Used In Europe - Pal Issue With Whs ?

Henrik Weis Aalbæk




I have bought and installed the Roxio version 2.0.1. - bought in the US. I can capture when connecting to my old Sony Handycam Vision via composite video connector.


When I connect to a VHS recorder I get a green screen and no signal in (I expect). I connect via composite video connector to the Scart.


Do I have a PAL / NTSC issue and in case yes - what can i do about it? or is there anything else wrong.


Best regards



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I get a green screen on my MAC - seems that I do not get a signal through - when I move the composite connection (the 2 cables yellow and black) to my old Sony Handycam Vision (I know it's an old one - thats the reason why I need to move the content of the tapes) everything work.


Would it be an idea if I tried with another VHS machine - I only have one but maybe I can borrow one in the neighborhood ?

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Some Scart connectors only work in one direction. In this example http://www.amazon.co.uk/RCA-SCART-Adapter-Composite-PlayStation/dp/B0035XB4Z4 it ONLY works as a input, no signal would come out of it. This one http://www.amazon.com/Scart-Composite-S-Video-Audio-Adapter/dp/B006RBMJ46 has a switch which will allow both in or out . This might be your problem, but without knowing your exact configuration, and what type of scart you have, it is hard to call. You know the Roxio is ok as it works when you use the Handycam.

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