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My Very Own Topic

Paul DA


Hi Guys

I have almost the same problem, done all the recommended advice here and on other areas, but keep getting the Runtime error dilog box when I reboot after the OS gives you the logon screen installing the 3 download files for NXT Pro, however once I OK the dilog box, windows starts, another dilog box appear saying MUI Content merge has failed and windows is shuting down the program, after OK this box you get yet another saying the same thing for the Roxio Tray shuting down.


Now I am unable to play anything media wise and cannot delete/amend/change the new or current User Accounts, I would seem windows is now broken in all sorts of ways, a mess.


I did try and install in safe mode, but this fails due to the internet not being avalible in safe mode I guess due to the lack of drivers for network card and wifi card, try turning off all startup items also, all up to date with updates and drivers all earler roxio versions unintalled with REVO.


I am at a loss what to do next, but I plan the following, dig out my windows disk and run repair console to try and fix windows without reinstalling it, and try again.


I have had Creator from v3 to v2009 over the years its alway been somewhat flakey but in the main i have relied on it and thus disapionted to find this version so hard to install and get working, I bought my copy on the 2nd of Jan 2014 (download) and have failed to install it, and as I understand it emaiing support appears to be a waste of time, and I guess my install count will fail soon also.


Roxio if you read this, it appears NXT Pro 2 does have a general problem with installing by many people and maybe you should look into this as time allows.


Hopefully the above may point to something yet not tried.


Question......When installing the download parts 123, ie should you reboot after each part OR install all 3 parts an then reboot, I guess either, ..? not seen a clear answer to this anyway


Anybody have more info on this RunTime error themselves ?


regard and thanks

Paul Allen


Dell Laptop

4 Gb ram

2ghz duel core intel

Vista 32

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No, there are no known compatibility issues.


Short of Format C:\???


Another proceedure may be useful here. This is extensive, but it what I suggest...


Unplug your RGC Device and put it aside until you are completely finished.


Download and install the
Uninstaller. Then run it in
Moderate Mode
to remove any traces of Roxio.


Create a New User Account with Administrator Privileges.


Turn OFF any A/V & Firewall.


Reboot and log on to that new account.


Copy your entire disc to a new folder on your HDD.


In that new folder, right click on Setup.exe and select Properties.


Under the Compatibility tab, make sure
is checked!


Right click Setup.exe and select Open.


Allow it to Check for Updates (this is for Roxio not Windows)


Use the Default Locations!
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Hi Guys/Jim


Well the “Reg fix” patch above had no effect the problem as mentioned above still remains as is.


Anything else I can do/ideas? Please.


Also can Roxio NXT Pro2 install with any other non-roxio DVD/Blu Ray writing software in place already and work? Or should all/anything to do with writing discs be removed?


Regards Paul

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Ok Jim….. I have downloaded the files from Brendon’s post #7 thank you.

If I don’t hear otherwise…I will assume it ok to run the NxtPro reg fix tomorrow on my NxtPro2 install, and report back here.

Regards Paul

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Hi Jim…. there you go getting me all excited, I have checked the mail several times today (Sunday) but Nil in the IM, I do check it each time I look on the BB and I have never had any mail/message yet.

Its now Monday AM and nothing yet, maybe the system is slow; I’ll check late PM today.

Kind Regards Paul

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Hi Jim/Guys


I have now used one of my new install counts, to continue to the install to my test OS W7 64bit (see earlier post), and it has installed fine with no problem or issues and all works fine. Jim Note the screen grab of the start menu items on the test OS !! ( NB. This OS has Zero else installed on it, no AV etc)


I have been unable to fix the Reg Error problem to my live working OS W7 32bit (see earlier posts) the link to the fix is still down and not working.


So what now Guys?........un-install/install again (sigh) ?......give up? I cannot spend much more time any effort now its been one month now and cannot ditch my working W7 32bit....any more ideas


Best Regards Paul


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Hi Jim


Well thats cold 8f, here is only got down to 28f, some other areas around colder, so we are having a heatwave compeared to you, but we have lots of heavy rain and bad floods.


thanks for the tip above, No problem Roxio know its the install reset I need. And today I have recived an e-mail confirming the reset has been done :-) :D


i will be back home this Friday so I guess if I get the reg download to work, I should try that 1st? but then what if that fails to correct it ?? (I what to try and save my reset counts if I can to start with having done the uninstall / install action many times)....any advice were to go from hear


Thanks Paul

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You need to get your Install Count reset! If you tell them something else, or they offer something else, you will be getting nowhere :huh:


I am checking on that download, I got the same result as you...


View out my door last week:




Yes that is a heater going to the birdbath... Had to break ice from around the edges anyway. Down to 8 F this morning and going colder. (not the worse but not what we have seen for years)

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Hi Jim / Guys


Well.....Err.....yes it is, or least the view outside my holiday home...sorry. I hope to be back there in April/May. If I need to post a desktop grab again I will background it with a pic from here on the south coast sea front..


Update...no word from Rox-Ralf yet, however I have had a reply on facebook from Roxio asking to confirm my reg e-mail only to get another request a couple of days later to calrify the request again of the problem (ie Key reset) today. which I have done again today.


Left hand/Right Hand...it does seem odd for them to go 360 again, so I have reposted (copied in) the earlier facebook notes along with my ID here for other info..


Therefore i await the reset before procedsing as you requsted.


I have gone to the link you sent me for the Critical Reg keys downloads, but the two Nxt & Nxt Pro links do not work (will not download) but the two links for 2012 etc work fine ? any ideas why.


Thanks again Jim

Regards Paul

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Hi Jim


Thank you for your reply again. I await Rox-Ralf's message thank you, I'll let you know.


The screen shots do not match mine and I have not seen the blue Nxt 2 screen yet. I will grab my menu and post for info Thursday.


Has for the Critical Reg keys you mention above where should I look, your message above is missing the location ?


As recomended by you I will wait until I here from Rox-Ralf's reset before I do anything else. Also no reply on facebook yet, so I guess I have posted incorrectly.


Many thanks for now



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You were busy!!!


The NXT Pro 2 Suite should be showing and I have added a shortcut to my task bar:




Roxio Burn NEVER shows... it is a pop up that appears when a blank or data disc is inserted (unless you turn it off like most of us)


Likewise, Back on Track is integral to the Suite and not in the menu:



<p>First thing is to get your Install Count reset! - gone are the days when you could install forever...


We will pass that along to Rox-Ralf and you should get an IM from him here in the next few days.


For the Critical Reg keys, take a look H

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Hi All


I have tried to contact support via my support code, it appears the support Is only for 14 days and not 30 days as shown in the email I was sent...however I tried customer services and could not find a way to email them.


Somebody now tells me FaceBook. So I have left a begging note for Roxio, I don't use FaceBook normally, think I have done it correct.


Anyway if I cannot get the key reset, its down the road to get a refund and buy elsewhere. its a shame after all these years using "Creator" its just been so hard to get it to install.



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Hi Guys/people/Jim


Well hear is my update....its now Sunday, and this is what has be done.


My Os Vista, disk could not repair the Os so I upgraded with a Win 7 install (32 bit), this corrected the Os and all was transferred into Win 7 apart from 3 programs which I uninstalled ok. I removed all AV software (Norton etc) then ran MS update to bring the install up to date, again all fine and Windows works fine and stable and all functioning well.


Ok onto the install of NXT Pro 2. All parts installed and rebooted as requested, no errors on startup and into windows fine. I checked the start menu and I had the following:-



HDR Express



3D Photo Creator

Label Creator

Music Disc Creator



Sound Editor

Video Copy & Convert


3D Samples


All of the above work fine and have (when needed) had the keys/codes inputted.


However the follow did not show up at all in the start menu !!



Roxio Burn

Roxio Creator NXT Pro 2


No Desktop icon

No Tray icon (if there is one of course)


At this point I ran the repair option and this put the 3 above programs into the start menu. Now the 3 above programs give me an error of missing items in the registry (see the screen grab with this post or following) its the same on all 3. All the other programs reported working above still work fine and I now have DT icon.


I have re-ran the repair option but no change.


I did not want to uninstall again wow most of it works, so have installed Win 7 (64-bit this time) as a clean install to a spare partition and duel booted the system into it, so no other nil/zero/zit/anything else installed. Just to see if I can get NXT pro 2 runing from a new full version of Windows.....well could I ??.......wait for it..........................


NO ...........the serial key/code has timed out, I don't believe it......why don't ROXO wait until you have got the program installed and running 1st before requiring the input of the code. I have been trying to install since buying the download on 2nd Jan 2014. I have spent hours and hours and even more hours trying and re trying.....so so so silly an idea, ......I'll stop here before I say something rude.


So Guys please help if you can.


Thank you

Regards Paulpost-117167-0-67944900-1390149810_thumb.jpg

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A trick I use when facing that daunting task is to put a new HDD in and use an image like you have ;)


If I like the result, then the stuff I have added from the last 6 months is still intact on the drive I took out.


If not... nothing lost!


(probably explains the 8 or so HDD's sitting around my desk :lol:

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Hi Jim


Thank you for you kind reply very nice of you.


I will back home on Thursday and intend to do this, as I also think the Os is broken, but I must try and repair 1st, I just have too many other programs installed not to try. Its going to take many hours to intall if I do a factory restore and set about finding the other programs to restore.


I do have an image of my HDD from 6 months ago I many try that also 1st....but.......once I get the system up and updated again do you have any veiw on the 3 part intall I mentioned in my post above to reboot or not reboot after each part ?


I also may upgrade vista to Win 7 (I have the disk) and see if that repairs the broken Os and keeps the programs in place.


Don't worry I have all my data backed up exturnal HDDs via mounted folders and NAS drive on my network, x2.


I will up date you sometime after Thursday....and if you can or have any info on the 3 part install ? let me know soon.


Kind Regards


Paul Allen


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