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Quality Loss When Burning Xvid To Dvd !



I have an XVID Movie which I play (through my laptop) on to my LARGE Plasma TV and the picture is great !!!


as soon as I burn that xvid to DVD (using Toast 11.2) the quality of the Movie drops by about 30% !!!


ALSO: the size of the movie file INCREASES about three-times the size !!!



how is this even possible ??

The file size increases three-fold, and the quality drops by about 30% !!!


- Please don't tell me about xvid being a low quality codec because I already have said that I play the movie from my computer onto my LARGE SCREEN PLASMA TV.. and the quality is just fine.

but its a hassle to bring my laptop to the TV every time.


the quality drops from Toasts bad quality conversion process, I guess.


I want to know how I can improve the quality of Toast DVD burning.

or, is there better software out there ?


Thanks ;)

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If you look at this Wiki page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image_resolution you'll see that it shows the DVD standard for DVDs is 740 x 480, while the resolution for HD-DVD or Blu-Ray is 1280 x 720.


Your large screen TV can probably resolve quite high definition pictures, and likely it can play your AVI files in full definition [very pretty] however to put them onto a standard Video-DVD they have to be re-coded down to DVD resolution. That's why the process takes so much time, and the result doesn't look so good.


XviD, DivX, and other codecs are used to compress video to make the files smaller and the good ones get a very good results, but they have to be expanded back to mpeg format to go onto a Video-DVD [because the DVD standard demands it] This is why the file size increases.


DVD burning software is constrained by the DVD standard, and the quality [in terms of definition] of the result is constrained by the standard, too. They have to be standard to guarantee they can play in a standard DVD player. Changing software doesn't change the allowable definition of a DVD.


If you want better definition than DVDs provide, then you have to go to something other than DVDs. HD-DVD or Blu-Ray for example.




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To add to what Brendon wrote, if your Xvid video is standard definition and not high definition you'll still see reduced quality on a DVD video using Toast if the resolution of the Xvid video is less than xxx by 480. When Toast's MPEG 2 encoder is not very good at upscaling video to 480. Your HDTV is certain to do better at that from an undersized video.

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