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Black Loading Screen Ruins Recordings



*Sorry if I'm not posting this in the right spot, first time on the forums.*


I bought my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro not too long ago and never really used it. When I did use it however I didn't have a problem. Now I am having a major issue. I have been in the mood to start streaming and recording videos lately, so I decided the first game I would record would be TLoZ: Skyward Sword. I am running the game through my WiiU using an HDMI cable.


My problem is this. Whenever I enter a building and the screen fades to black, my Roxio skips and the video jerks around. The audio also cuts out and the final recording is just ruined. The screen tears and glitches out. Is there any way to fix this without going back to Component Cables (seeing as ALL of the new systems are using HDMI) or am I just going to have to drop another $100 on a Capture Card that can actually record in HDMI?


Thanks for the help!

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Try Lowering the Bit rate of your recording, if your recording in 1080p then maybe try 720p and have a play with the quality, the higher it is then the more strain it puts on your PC, which from what you said, sounds like a common problem of you computer not being up to the standards to record

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