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Failure Of Installation

liz g


I just bought roxio creator nxt pro 2, and for the last four hours, I have been trying to install this product on my computer with a Windows XP operating system. I have downloaded all components properly, but there is no way to install. Unlike other products that either have a run or install tab to click on, this product downloads into a folder named CREATOR NXT PRO 2, which is located in my downloads folder. Once you open this, it is broken into three separate things. They are not folders, because they do not open and have strange icons next to them. They are CREATOR_NXT_2-CONTENT, CREATOR_NXT_PRO_2 and CREATOR_NXT_PRO_2_PART_2. These are three separate items, and when you try to open one it freezes up your computer totally. I did attempt to contact the company about this issue, of course with no one to talk to. Is there anyone out there that has any idea why this willnot install on my computer or why it does not download with an option to either run or install icon. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hello Liz,


I have NXT Pro 2 installed in Windows XP, and it installs fine.


You must have your Windows set to 'Hide extensions for known file types' since you don't see an 'exe' on the end of the file names. Those files you have downloaded are executable files. The files actually end in .exe and are run like other executables by double-clicking on them with your left mouse button and answering 'Yes' to any queries from Windows.


You should have these three files with the same sizes as mine, but their date will be the date you downloaded them.



Start by double-clicking the center file, Creator NXT Pro 2, and running that.

Don't restart your machine when that's installed, but instead run the part 2 file.

When that is done, double-click on the Content file and run that one.

When all three have finished, restart your Windows to complete the install process.


Does that clarify things?




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I purchased both the download and the CD for Creator NXT 2 and I have not been able to install it. I run Windows 7. I keep getting the same error whether I try to install from the download or the CD. The error is: WinZip Self

Extractor Error: ZIP damaged file

C:\Users\PIPERS~1\AppData\Local\Temp\EMC_Content150_MPI_PRO\EMC_CONTENT1 4X\Data1.cab

Possible cause: file transfer error My PC starts with

C:\Users\Pipersmom2000. That doesn't match the error message. I don't have a 1 in my path. Can anyone assist me?

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Follow the pics below first to delete your temp file.


Make a new folder on your desk top, right click a blank spot on the desk top point to new, click folder.


Now put the disc in a drive and open it, click edit, select all, click edit, click copy.


Now navigate to the new folder you made on the desk top open it and right click paste.


If the disc doesn't copy it has a read error.


If the disc copies to the folder run the installation from the folder.









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