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Hdmi To Mini Hdmi Not Working?



Hey guys just got my roxio HD and cannot seem to get it working the HDMI input is in the roxio Input side and the mini hdmi is in the back of my pc i have a tv as my output no idea if i need it or not but its there but it does not seem to work i want to record my pc gameplay nothing else

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Slow down and try that again :lol:


You are attempting to both Play and Capture using the same PC, right?


Most PC's can't do do that, but one or 2 users claim they can... (I have doubts ;))


You need to have the RGC Software running on Monitor 1.


The RGC Device needs to be connected to your PC via USB.


Your PC video Output needs to connect to the RGC Device with HDMI or Component (depends on what you have)


You can play it on your PC Screen and use the Hot Keys to start/stop Capture or Streaming.


If you want to use a separate monitor/TV, then the RGC Device has HDMI as well as Component Output for that Device.


But the RGC Device also output HDCP Code with the HDMI and a lot of monitors/tv's are not compliant -_-

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