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Error When Uploading To Youtube


I have a Roxio HD PRO and I record my 360 gameplay. It records and edits perfectly, but when I try to export and render a 1 hour video, it takes about 3-4 hours no matter what setting I use. Then trying to upload to Youtube it takes an estimated 1700 minutes for a 1 hour video. Any suggestion on what I could try? Could this just be the case of a crappy computer and slow internet. Any help appreciated!

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Nothing to go on beyond 'don't work' :huh:


Without the full Specs of your PC and HDD's along with the Settings of your output, no one can possible answer that!


Most of your important PC stuff is in the window that comes up when you click Win-Pause.


Your HDD info is from the Properties of your drive.


Settings would be what you select for output...

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