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Image Quality Problems, Software Crashes And Random Switching Between Hdmi And Component



So I have my input (playing with PS4 and PC, both on HDMI) going into the Roxio input, the output going to a monitor and the USB connected to a PC that far exceeds all the of the minimum specs stated on the site (intel 2500k, 8GB ram, everything's running at stock speeds, no overclocks).


It's working on and off, but I'm having an incredible amount of problems with it doing what it wants randomly.


Firstly the software always states "No Signal" when I boot it up, after I change the quality, it switches to signal protected for PS4 (as it should with the HDCP) and Ready for PC.


Then the software crashes when I try and do anything and I almost mean anything. Going into the options, starting to capture, switching between component and HDMI input, all crashes. The only things I can do is change the quality or click on Live Stream (which takes me to a Justin.tv log in page, useless to me).


The preview window glitches out (it wouldn't even be worth recording if that's the best it can do, you can't even tell what system's running, never mind what's being played/what window is open) if the quality is anything above minimum, which is crap quality. I can't play about with the quality too much to see if there's a cut off point though because it randomly boots me into component input about 50% of the time when I change the quality and not only kills the input into the preview window but kills the pass through screen too.


If I go into xsplit, it works fine but looking at my signal direct from my PC or PS4 (on pass through) compared to what xsplit puts out, the quality is reduced a lot compared to the original signal, I've even compared on the same TV just to eliminate variables. I know quality will be degraded a little but those nice smooth diagonal lines are turning into staircases which isn't acceptable for something that's supposed to be 1080p.


So far I've tried re-installing the software (numerous times), making sure the registry RoxMedia (I think it's called that, it was the right one anyway) is started, trying different cables, replugging several times, different TV and monitor, it's rough enough just trying to get it working, getting it working to a good quality is starting to appear impossible to me though.


All the software bugs I could put down to some dodgy coding and maybe find an alternative recording solution (the fact that it shows as a camera in xsplit means that may be a possibility, though I've not tried with anything else so it may just be xsplit compatible, not that that makes the broken software issue ok) but since it's not giving me great quality in xsplit is a big concern and making me wish I'd splashed that little extra on an elgato. Though I do see people using the Roxio with good quality so maybe I'm posting here in the hope I'm just missing something.

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