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Purple Screen Showing When Trying To Take A Screenshot/streaming



Hello everyone,


I have tried to figure this out for myself by searching endlessly on Google, Youtube and this forum but I just don't know how to fix this.


I have been using a Roxio Game Capture for a while now to record my gameplay on my Playstation 3. I have used it flawlessly on Windows 7 and a few months on Windows 8.

But about 1,5 month ago I got this purple screen whenever I tried to stream via Open Broadcast Software ON WINDOWS 8. I have also gotten this purple screen when I tried to take a screenshot via de windows hotkey, Gyazo, windows screengrabber etc..


I think the problem started after I downloaded and installed WINDOWS 8.1


I have installed a few programs for my classes in school after using the roxio gamecapture software, but I have deleted those programs, but still get a purple screen.

I installed VMware Workstation to virtualise Ubuntu and Windows 7 on my laptop and everytime I powered on this device in VMware, it gave an error about my webcam.. Maybe this could have changed something with video output? I'm not quite sure what and I certainly don't know how to change that.


I have already deleted VMware Workstation


I don't have any issues when I'm recording. The video and sound is totally fine. No problems. But I only get a purple screen when I try to take a screenshot or when I try to stream via OBS.

Sound output is not a problem. It's just the video.


EDIT: I tried to set the Aerotheme using this tutorial but it did NOT HELP.



I made a picture with my phone to verify that normal recording is fine.




But this happens when I take a screenshot.



This how OBS looks like when I preview the stream. (Sound is fine, video is not....)



Some information about my laptop.



If anyone could try to help me, that would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance.

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