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Hdmi Splitter Setup - Hdmi ->Dvi Still Wont Work





You may know, that some time ago after trying 3 HDMI -> DVI-D cables, I gave up connecting Roxio to my "Computer Monitor" in my room. Since then, recording from my big screen in living room disalowed me from playing multiplayer while recording, so I could only record offline (Forza 4 replays :/).


Today I've received a HDMI splitter with HDMI -> DVI cable that some people said it works.


So, after connecting everything (Splitters "CUBE" -> HDMI - DVI -> and then Roxio from Splitter), everything was looking fine. Screen was visible.

But the fact is, I haven't connected Roxio through USB and turned on Capturing software. So:

1.When everything is connected through a CUBE, but Roxio is only hooked with HDMI input, it gives Red arrow and screen is visible on the monitor.

2.When I try to connect the USB of Roxio, screen goes black and nothing can be done.

3.In recording software it says "Green" no signal and recording source is blank.

4.When only HDMI -> DVI is connected to the CUBE, screen is black too. (When Roxio is not on USB, connecting HDMI - HDMI to it will make the screen visible and red arrow on the device will show up)


Now it gives me mind!@#%. How the hell can it work when "half" connected, but not when unplugged and plugged fully?!


Pls, help!



-ROXIO.jpg - what I can see in the program when Roxio is connected (Without input/output, with input and with input+otput (HDMI)

-Plugged.jpg - How does Roxio and my setup look when connected with USB, or HDMI input disconnected from Roxio.

-Unplugged.jpg - How does Roxio and my setup look when connected only HDMI input and not USB. + Visible screen.


Thanks for help.



Now. Screen problem is solved. When not recording preview in program is "Rainbowing" :D, but when recording everything is fine.


BUT! This splitter is f***ed up, so it wont give me sound through HDMI. Can I buy HDMI audio special cable and connect it to the Roxio input? Will it record the sound?




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Can't keep up, which questions are actually valid :huh:


One picture shows a Green 'No Signal', if you got that, then nothing would be woking...


WHAT Sound can't you hear???


I would go Xbox >> HDMI >> RGC, then RGC >> HDMI >> Splitter >> HDMI >> TV/Monitor


That way your Roxio is assured of a pure signal and the Green 'NS' should go away ;)

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Naaah. I went for the splitter option, because Roxio gives somehow unreadable signal for my monitor to read after HDMI - DVI conversion.


Roxio recording app is not receiving any sound(or at least ain't recording it) (Im not going to get any sound on HDMI - DVI cause DVI is video only and there is no speakers in my monitor)


Also when playing recordings through Media Player Classic movie is in slow motion and when in Windows Media Player progress bar ain't moving :D (but vision is fine)


My bet is that splitter Qube is not supporting Audio pass(maybe designed for projectors only), so I'm on my way to send it back.

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Because what sense does it have?

Splitter used for what. Only one output? (As you can see on photo this isnt a splitter that has to process the video... It simply splits the data.


So, connecting it straight to the monitor from RGC is not working, because of weird RGC output that doesnt work with HDMI - DVI...


Ahhh. Who cares, Im going to try it...


Xbox - HDMI - RGC - Splitter - HDMI -> DVI gives green no signal in the app.


And sory for not responding. I don't have internet at home :D

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