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Sony Xperia Z1 Capture



Hey I got the Xperia z1 and wanting to capture gameplay for YouTube, got the HDMI lead and plugged it into the Roxio Gamecap HD Pro anyways it's protected... Not sure why as Sony said only the PS3 is HDCP Protected, anyways I got a TV PC Signal Converter HDMI 1080 Input to RGB Component YPbPr & Audio, that works, only problem is the picture is not center...




Any ideas???

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I would ask Sony for an explaination... Probably be a lot of bs but at least it will let them know that their consumers are not happy! ;)


I would guess that the clear and not center are strictly an issue with your Converter :huh: Exchange it!


(I have never had one - anyone else encounter this???)

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Thanks Jim,


Not sure if it is the converter I think it's the phone lol, was on live chat for ages on Sony, they can't find the problem. They did say that I should contact Roxio about the Sony Xperia Z1 Signal Protection as they said only the PS3 has it :S lol

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As I said your Converter is the most likely for the problem...


Another way to try a 'different' converter is to to find a DVD or BD player that accepts HDMI input and allows Component output.


(some do have a pass through)




As far as what Sony says, I am not so sure... Both the PS3 & 4 have HDCP which is what triggers Roxio to throw the Signal Protected.


Curious, is your game play image shifted - have you tried it?


Also love it is you could get a picture or two of your phone & hookup to Roxio ;)


Some users have said that an HDMI Splitter will eliminate that issue but I know for sure that the one I have Does Not!

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