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Vhs To File





After a lot of false starts, I am finally copying from VHS to a file on my C drive.


My question is, the file I create is obviously not in a format which I can read with software other than Roxio. Is there a way to save the file in .mkv or MP4 or whatever format so I can put it onto a USB stick so I can read it with a WD Player or Smart TV? I would prefer not to use DVDs.





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HOW are you capturing it?


What Software?


The VHS to DVD only captures in a standard mpeg (mpeg2) file, NO options and this would be the wrong forum...


Media Capture from any of the Creator xxx Suites offers AVI and mpeg.


Those Suites also have editing and conversion programs although MKV is such a rare bird, you won't find it in most video software ^_^


Supply the info and we can advise ;)

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Sorry, I'm using Roxio VHS to DVD3. The file extenion on the file it creates is .VHS


VHS2DVD3 only creates mpg video files which are compatible with every video editor and player.

Since VHS is low quality video the program only creates mpg; there is no point in creating Hidef video since in many cases the quality will be even less.


The .VHS file you are talking about is a project file which contains no video at all but simly instruction on how to "recreate" your project when you select "Open"

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