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Problems With Making Bd With A Couple Of .mov Files, Menus Like Idvd?



I bought Toast 11 for making Bluerays. I have had no problems with the workflow, but I can't seem to figure out how to make a menu like IDVD does with its 400 menu choices.


THe big problem I had was that I dropped two .mov files into the drop area and it burned the BLueray and it played the first hour, but would not play the 2nd hour, which was a 2nd .mov file and it;s image was there on the screen. Any clues? can you not drag and drop? DO I need to make some chapter marks?

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Thank you so much for the fast reply. I just today got on this forum, and saw your CAR avatar appear a Lot. YES, both clip images appeared, but the PLAYSTATION 3, my only present Blueray hung up after the first hour played. I DID NOT click the play continuously box, and am going to give it another whirl. I'm also going to buy a standalone Blueray Player too before too long. I'l watch the tutorial too, thanks a lot for the fast reply and the help. I HAD in fact made 2 test bluerays with 5-6 short clips,each being about 2 minutes and it played all of them. My HD film did not fill up the disc according to the "meter". I'll give it another try, and who knows it COULD have just been a bad disc. Thanks

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It should have worked. Are you saying that when played on a Blu-ray player the player stops at the end of the first video and does not let you select the second video (although the second video appears in the menu)? Which menu style did you choose? The default is Splash which is a text menu but there are 25 styles that should pop up when you click the menu style in the Toast window. It's best to click Customize... and then enter the Menu tab in the window that appears to do your selection and customizing of a menu.


You may want to check the "Play all items continuously" box if you want the second video to automatically play without returning to the menu.


There are no similarities between the kinds of menus that can be created with iDVD and with Toast. The Toast menus have no motion or sound. Have you watched the built-in Toast tutorial on "Creating Video Discs"?


Chapter marks have no effect on playing from one title to the next. You should be able to use the directional arrows on the player's remote to highlight the second title when in the menu screen and then press the play button to start its playback.

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