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Decision Time



A few years back I used EMC10 for my photo and video projects and all in all I was quite happy with it. I have a new computer and I am now lookig at NXT or Pro Show Gold. It appears that both would fit my needs since I am not a terribly sophisticated user. I like to do photo slideshows with music tracks, captions and titles. I like the timeline view and both NXT and PSG have that.


Any thoughts on why NXT would be a better deal? Oh, and both are the same price.



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I got NXT2 and so far I love it! I am using VW to create a video out of a large number of jpg files. Coming along great so far. My question is, and I hope this is the place to ask it, is I want a clip of an airplane taking off that is short, downloadable and free. Any suggestions? Any help would be appreciated.


Google is your friend.. :)



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