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Ps3 Setup Issues! Please Help Ease My Headache!



Ok... I got my son a RGC for Xmas... Still not managed to set it up despite watching loads of setup vids!!! I thought I had cracked it today... But here's what's happening... Laptop is connected to RGC via the USB... Ps3 has the component cable connected which is connected to input ports of RGC... Hdmi lead connected to telly and output port of RGC. Ok... Following so far?? I have the software running on laptop... Selected component from input drag down... Status then says ready when I put ps3 on (I have to hold power button down for 5 secs on ps3 to achieve this after seeing it on YouTube video!) ps3 powers up and says "hd source detected, would u like to start in hd?" Now... This is where the fun starts!! If I select "yes" I can see the video on the telly, but lose status connection on laptop software... If I select "no" then I can see the display on both, but in SD not HD... I then go about changing video display settings... But then as soon as I select component... I lose display on telly... Although the sound remains!? I can see the ps3 display clearly though on the laptop!? I'm very confused now and can't think what else to do... Any advice??? Please???

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