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Batch Converting Video Files. Does That Feature Exist



In the "sales" information on Toast 11, it says you can CONVERT a file type, to many different file types at ONE Click of the Mouse. But after hours at the controls I cannot find any way to make that work. My Use is converting my thousands of Visual Effects and Stock Footage into avi, mpeg4, H264mov, DivIx, etc. Basically I want to provide the download site with as many logical file types as possible to cater to a Wide Customer Base who use both MACS and PCs, and beyond that want to use a certain specific format for a certain Digital Video Player.


I'd like to know from anyone who knows, Once I drag a mov file into that bin, HOW DO I GO ABOUT TELLING TOAST TO CONVERT IT TO 5-6 DIFFERENT FORMATS AT ONCE? Or is that really not how batch converting works? The instructions manual does NOT say anything that I can find about making many files types at once. Thanks if you can help.


OH, about thee only way I could conceive of doing this is to Select Scheduled time during the day to do the conversion, which would allow me to return to the previous "MENU" and click to convert another format of the same video clip, and repeat that process once I had gone through this scheduling 5-6 times. Thanks for you replies if you can help, Jon Hyers

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Yeah, Toast doesn't work the way you want. You could duplicate the Toast application five times and launch all five. Add the video(s) to all five and set each copy of Toast to a different conversion format. Then tell them all to proceed with their conversions. I imagine this will make the processor feel really toasty.

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