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Burning Data Disc, Can't Put Files In Order, They Are Numeric


I am burning a data disc. I have 26 file that are numbered, however they won't list numerically and I can't find a way to move them up and down. I know I used to have this capability in another version. Please help?





Running Roxio Creator 2011 v1.3.166 on XP Pro SP3

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Can you give us an example of the naming convention?


Windows is alphabetizing the files, as Windows is wont to do. So, of course, the end user could tell Windows to sort in a different direction too, so does it really matter?


To get a "proper" numeric sort, you need to put the numbers at the front of the file name, as in:


01. File 1

02. File two

03. File three




26. The Twenty-sixth file


Those will display in order if sorted by file name. And notice the leading zero ("0"). That is required.


Does that help?

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