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Compression Of Iso Causes Toast To Crash



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Hmmmm. When you use Toast's Copy window to mount the .iso file, can you play the video with DVD Player?


If so, you should be able to extract it from the .iso's VIDEO_TS folder using the Toast Media Browser. In this case choose DVD-video as the format in the Toast Video window. In the media browser click the Video tab and look down the window to where it says DVD. Select that and you should see a thumbnail image of each video that's in that VIDEO_TS folder. Drag what you want to the main Toast window. At this point a new window will open that gives you the option to select a portion of the video rather than the whole thing. Since you want the whole thing just click okay.


A thumbnail image of the video will show up in the main Toast window along with some text. This is where you create the new menu for your DVD. Edit the text so it makes some sense. Click on the thumbnail and drag the slider that appears to select a frame from the video you want as your menu button. Choose a menu style and give the video a name by clicking the Customize... button and then clicking the Menu tab.


Now Toast will author a new VIDEO_TS folder when you choose Save as Disc Image or click the burn button. Since this is too large to fit a single-layer disc I suggest choosing Save as Disc Image so you can use the resulting .toast file with the Image File setting in the Toast Copy window to activate fit-to-DVD when you click the burn button.


I know it sounds complicated but once you do it a time or two it isn't too difficult.

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Tried as suggested. Still crashed just before finishing compression.

That means there is something in the VIDEO_TS folder that Toast can't work with. It may be that the source is a ripped DVD in which ripping application didn't do a full disc extraction. A workaround is to add the video to the Toast Video window with DVD video selected as the format, make your own menu and choose Save as Disc Image. Then add the resulting .toast file to the Disc Image setting in the Toast Copy window to do the fit-to-DVD process. A good way to add the video from the existing VIDEO_TS folder is to mount it on the desktop and click the Video tab in the Toast Media Browser. There you'll see the DVD and can drag the video into the main Toast window.

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