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Purchased Roxio Video Capture Usb- Never Worked. I'm A Pro



I got an advertisement about the Roxio USB hardware/ software solution which spurred a renewed hope.


When I got the product I could never get it to capture. As a Pro in TV production I've used other capturing software so I'm not a newbie.


I recall I was not the only one having problems.


Does the product work now?


Can I upgrade my pc version to a mac version for the same upgrade price?


How do I do that.





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You opened yourself for this one.


You posted in Creator NXT2 part of the forum. That program doesn't come with a capture device. Are you sure what you bought? How long ago?


I can tell you that both Creator NXT2 and the one you probably have VHS to DVD that does come with a capture device work very well.


You are joking about a PC version and a MAC version aren't you? The is no Creator MAC version.


Now if you tell use what program you have a do a dxdiag on your computer, we can move this to the proper forum and provide answers.


Just so you know, this is a user to user site and not Roxio/Corel Tech Support or Sales.

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You have the latest version for PC. There is no upgrade version for MAC. Whre did you see that there was a newer version coming out? Do you have some inside information?


Where is the dxdiag evaluation I asked for? A pro should know how to get that (if you don't know, the information is here (Link).


For your current version, I bet you plugged in the capture device before you installed the program - did you? If so, then Windows installed the wrong drivers forthe device. It doesn;t work with those drivers.


GO to Windows Device manager, uninstall the two instances ot he USB device , reboot, then run a repair on the program and only THEN install the USB device.

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