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No Tools?



Hey everyone,


So I am typing this as I repair my Roxio for about the, oh I dont know, fifteenth time. Ive been trouble shooting this problem for awhile and I know it has to be me somehow but I am trying to get my Xbox 360 to show the video in the capture mini screen. I have been researching this in my down time and just recently got the day off so I can sit down and work on this problem. As I looked into the gray box video problem on my capture screen, I see I need access to the tools panel... Which just comes up as a blank gray box with one word "Header" and thats it. So we will see if this repair fixes it, but if anyone has any solutions other then repair the program (getting kinda tired of doing this to fix any problem that comes up just so I can try to fix it) let me know.



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Of course you did note the Red No Signal???


You can click until the cows come home, but you will never see anything as long as there is No Signal... In Tony's post note that it is Green, meaning the RGC Device is not plugged in.


Best bet at this point is to try a completely different source - a DVD or BD Player but anything will do as long as it has HDMI Output that you can use ;)


Your PC Specs and details as to how you are hooked up will help too.

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Its plugged in, I have audio, Ive tried repairing it as you have suggested to others. Its that it doesnt let me do anything else and, as the topic says, I cant use the tools tab.


You already saw my pc specs in a previous inquiry I had when all you suggested that I do to fix my video editing program was to repair. At that point you said it was fine. I havent changed the specs at all so I cant image that it has changed.

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