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Can't Upload To Youtube Directly ~ Login Failed

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Alright, so i recently got Roxio. So I edited a video I had recorded and I was ready to upload. So at the top I went to 'Upload to Youtube' and it asked me for my Username (My email for the account) and password. I entered my information, and it said Login failed. So i tried some other combinations (Username for youtube, other possible emails) and it all said the same thing. I tried to look up solutions and found little. I looked on Youtube and it said I needed to use a 2-step verification. It said i needed to generate a one-time password to connect it and allow it to connect, and then i would be able to use it like normal in the future. So I tried that and with the new password it STILL didn't work. I tired other various things later with the same result. (Eventually I export it to my computer and uploaded it, but that takes a long time, and I would much prefer to simply just upload it.)


Am I doing something wrong? Is there some way I can fix this?

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Exporting and uploading to You Tube via the YouTube uploader will save you time in the long run.


You Tube made some changes fairly recently and broke this and other programs like it. including one where a users couldn't download video to play. :blink:


BTW, you are using an earlier version of Creator but the newest doesn't do any better.



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I had the same problem and it was driving me mad. I discovered that my Google account was set to secure and i need to change the setting to allow unsecured connections. I assume it see the HDpro as insecure. When i changed this all was sweet.


Hope this helps


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