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hey I buyed yesterday a roxio gamecap hd pro and I want to do a live comentary and i tried to use audacity but then there is a delay...

so does anyone have suggestions? and i am broke now because i have buyed the game cap so i dont have money to buy a purplebeach <_<


Please help me



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If you use Audacity, you are recording a file that has to be patched in later in the editor (VideoWave).


To Sync it up with the video depends on what you have captured.


If it is One File you can put it on an Internal Track.


If it is several files do an Export As to make them One File.


If you need to move the Audio File to the Left to Sync it, you will have to add a Blank Panel at the beginning to give you a place to move it.


Default is around 5 seconds and that should be enough to let you make adjustments ;)


I hope that translates OK for you to understand, as I don't speak Dutch :lol:

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