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I Don't Know What I Bought



I can't belive what Roxio has done.

I purchased Easy VHS to DVD at Best Buy Today.

It comes with an installer disk labeled "easy VHS to DVD for Mac"

So, I installed the program. But it was a different program.

It actually installed Roxio Video Capture instead.

That program works great to capture video from VHS but it DOES NOT burn it to DVD.

All it will do is let you save it to disk or send it to iTunes.

Since iTunes does not let you burn a DVD that can be used in a DVD player, it cannot be done.

The only way you can burn a DVD is if you have the old iDVD app.


This is unbelievable false advertising.

How can Roxio sell a package and disk labeled easy VHS to DVD and then substitute a different program that does not do what the package says?


Also, I tried downloading VHS to DVD from Roxio web site and it is very buggy and not useable on Mavericks.

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If you have Toast or another of several DVD-authoring applications for Mac you can make a DVD video from the video you captured. I do recommend using Medium Quality, however, because the high quaiity setting has audio sync problems for many users. The Easy VHS to DVD Capture 1.0.5 app that can be downloaded from Roxio's Software Updates page should have worked as an alternative even in OS 10.9.1. It captures in the mpeg 2 format which is what is used with DVDs but you still need a DVD-authoring application.


I agree it is misleading to call a product Easy VHS to DVD when it does not include any way to make a DVD. There was a time when it did but Roxio changed the software a few years ago when it discontinued Toast 9 Basic.

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