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Can I Isolate The Music Track From A Video I Made?



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I created a video using several different pieces of music and need a seperate audio file to use during a performance. Is there a way to isolate the music track or convert the sound from the video to mp3?


Add the video you created in Videowave, right click on the clip and then select Extract Audio from the drop down menu. You can only create the audio file in wav format

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Thanks for the quick response! When I right click the video, I get an option to extract the video, but not the Audio. Should I convert it to an mp4 first?


I suspect it actually says Extract Image. You are right clicking in the Preview View. In the Production Editor, in the lower part of your screen, click on the Timeline tab, then right click on your movie below the Timeline tab, then on Extract Audio, when a list of options comes up.

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