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No Video Signal

analog kid


I have read the other topics about no video, & have tried the suggestions.The device has never worked, there is no audio or video. Reloaded the program with firewalls turned off. did not work. I worked with tech support until they decided the driver must be defective, tried replacement driver, still does not work. The device manager shows the Roxio video capture USB is working properly. The computor is a HP running Windows XP 32-Bit. I have played the VHS tape through the RCA cables on my TV monitor & the tape plays fine. I also tryed a DVD player through the driver with the same result. I am thinking my computor is the problem. Perhaps a compatability issue. I have gone through the Windows troubleshooting tabs, but can't say as they were much help. I also tried reconfiguring the hardware accelerator as windows suggested. No change.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Audio sync can be VERY hard to fix but it has to do with the power of the PC and HDD Free Space and before you ask, RAM is irrelevant -_-


Now you need to hook up a completely different source to your USB Capture Device, such as a DVD Player or anything that has Composite (Yellow/White/Red) output.


Is S-Video an option for you?

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