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Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro's Preview Screen Flickering And Lagging.



I started out with problems with my monitor not being able to switch to the input my Xbox 360 is played on(DVI). I normally use a HDMI to DVI-D to play my Xbox 360 on my computer monitor. When I first got my Roxio GameCap HD Pro I was able to capture gameplay which was amazing. However I wasn't to switch to my input. Anyways I figured that out with an HDMI splitter cable. At first it seemed to have worked. The monitor was able to switch to the desired input. But when I went to the capture software, I saw that the preview was flickering with rainbow colors. However when I disconnect the wire that connects to my monitor the preview screen went back to normal.


My Setup:


Xbox -> HDMI Splitter -> HDMI -> Roxio


\ /

HDMI to DVI-D(single link) -> monitor




I would really appreciate help.


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