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Again And Again The Purple Screen



Hello everybody.

Sorry if my English and null (I'm french) I use translation software.

So I bought the roxio hd pro to save or steam on my xbox 360.

But I find myself with a purple screen and I looked all are connected, every feature of my computer everything is good. I looked at the forums but there is nothing I do not know what to do I uninstall and all but always the same.

No explanation Presice on forums or problem resolut. All user requests we arrive just uninstall and reinstall the software nothing.

So I ask if anyone has a solution or another.

And I do not want an answer that leads to nothing or contact customer service.

Thank you in advance.

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I'm sorry for the new double post.

So still no news from the media about a week.

When I disable my Intel graphic card I do not have the purple display except that I can stream with xsplit or more obs. (I have error messages)

I know know what to do still no forum could help me.

I count the number of even spend time to find a solution.

So if a person would have a great idea I'm interested.








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Je ne pense pas que vous souhaitez désactiver votre carte graphique, assurez-vous juste que c'est en utilisant les paramètres par défaut.


Si je comprends bien, le streaming ne fonctionne pas avec le logiciel de Roxio en ce moment... D'autres ont il fait avec le logiciel de l'OBS.

(hope my translator is better than yours ;))


I don't think you want to Disable your graphics card, just make sure it is using the default settings.


As I understand it, streaming is not working with the Roxio Software at this time... Others have been doing it with OBS software.

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your translator is fine. Yes when my graphics card is activate the purple display I therefore appears that not allow me to do that I take xsplit streaming obs or ffsplit it and the same screen as purple.

But when I want to save the image and purple and when I look at the video record everything is perfect I do not understand anything. (You can see right li'mage bottom left of the software)



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Je m'excuse pour mon manque de connaissances dans ce domaine... -_-


Si d'autres ne font pas certaines suggestions ici, je vous suggère que également prendre cette avec Xsplit, forums OBS pour voir quels paramètres sont recommandés pour votre carte vidéo.


I apologize for my lack of knowledge in this area...


If others do not make some suggestions here, I suggest you also take this up with Xsplit, OBS forums to see what settings are recommended for your Video Card.

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IT is a a video issue that is due to...


Your Device or Signal (LEAST Likely)


Your PC Graphics Card or Settings (MOST Likely)


You can test the device by using a different source - DVD or BD Player would be perfect.


You can check your Graphics for the latest driver and software and make sure you have everything set to default - NO Tweaks to make it better ;)

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I just previous releases (intel ® HD graphics it works.

But now it is xsplit that no longer works. (D3d accelerator problem) I think it is a.

I spent all yesterday evening to make graphical update and more.

So roxio pro hd works but I can more or stream with xsplit igh software stream.

Apparently the intel hd graphics background quite the bug roxio.


how to remove tweaks? (I do not even know what is) =)

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I change my post.

I just found a simple solution but the definition is not a top can Pixelate.

So I advance a little. If a person can find some thing to change the image quality I'm interested.

Sorry if the images are in French but it's understandable.











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I just always try the same point, not evolution.

I sent an e-mail to suppot I expect a response from their hand.

When will an update of the case roxio?

Thank you again corel a company that péfère turnover that customers who have already buy, congratulations guys.




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