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Building A New Pc!


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Hey guys im back! :D


Ok so i have yet built my own PC because i still need a bit of help unfortunately, i am now looking at about $800 to build a PC that will be good for Videowave and also has to be good for Livestreaming gameplay catured from the xbox 360 to twitch.tv and youtube,


This is what i have in mind, but please feel free to help me decide if its going to be good or not, also please feel free to help me out on parts that may be better then others.


AMD FX-8350 Processor 8 Core - 4Ghz


Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 Motherboard:


EVGA GTX 650Ti Boost Graphics Card


8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 Memory


120GB Samsung 840 Series SSD


1TB Western Digital Caviar Green Hard Drive


500W Corsair CX500 Power Supply


Corsair Carbide 200R Case


Thanks for any support given and as i said please feel free to give me a bit of guidance if you feel something can be changed. Looking to order all these parts within the next month!

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If you look in my signature you'll see my rig is close to that.

I've got an FX-8250,DS3 motherboard and a Ti550.


I've not done much with the streaming (I think internet bandwidth would help there) but as far as capturing and using the software,no problems there.

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ok i see i see, may i ask with rendering does the 8 cores help out much with videowave? and what one is better out of both graphics cards? i know geforce is much more of a common card but as far as specs go.. lets just say i get a little confused lol, its all random numbers to me :P


i found out today my upload speed is pretty darn bad, around 2-3mbps, at one point it was reading around 11-12mbps, so i dont know if that was a bug on the site, that in mind though i should still be about to push for 480p-720p livestreaming, to be honest i dont really see a lot of people livestreaming full HD anyway so shouldn't be too much of a deal.

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