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Hdmi Output Black



I've been using my Roxio Game Capture HD PRO for a couple of days now and today when I started the software I don't get any output from it to my monitor. The thing definitely works, it gets a signal and I can see the preview working fine but like I said, there's no output to my monitor that I've used before.

I've also tested plugging the monitor in to my computer and it works properly without any issue so could it be that my capture device has been damaged somehow?

If I switch the input to component it will show the blue screen and it also turns my monitor blue, so there's definitely some kind of signal going out.


Edit: Plugging my Xbox directly into my monitor works as well.


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Should be working from your screen cap...


All that is required for the Pass Through to work is for it to be attached to a PC (running of course) that has the RGC Software installed.


But your screen cap indicates that has been met, so a couple of things to retest would be to hook up a completely different source, like a DVD or BD Player. Use anything that has HDMI or Component Output.


Also cycle through the Inputs on your Monitor:



Never use Auto!


Sometimes they can just get cranky ;)


It seems likely it is the RGC Devcie... Did you buy it local?

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