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Burn Dvd Movies To Play On Tv/dvd Player



Hi, I just got the Roxio creator nxt2 since Windows8 does not provide a dvd burning software. However, I already burned 20 or more copies, and I have only one (VCD) working in my dvd player and display on TV.

what is the steps and items to be watched for creating a dvd so I can play my movies, downloaded youtube file etc on y tv.What is the ROXIOPLASMA file? I can play the movies if it is in my dvd.

Please hlep

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HOW are you burning them??? :huh:


What media are you using? Make and 'Model'.


How LONG are these video projects (time)?


The Roxioplasma Folder indicates you are using MyDVD to Author a disc.


That is the correct way to make a DVD Movie. When they don't work well at that point it is usually due to cheap media or poor quality settings... There are other things but since 90+% fall in those 2, good place to start ;)

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