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Advice On ".dmsd" Files And 'selective' Installation?



I am about to buy a new version of Roxio Creator as I have just upgraded to Windows 7. I want to be able to load and edit previously saved Home Movies (produced in Roxio Creator 2009) in “.dmsd” format. Will Corel Roxio Creator NXT 2013 do the job for me – or do I need the ‘Pro’ version?


One other question - I have found with both my previous versions of Roxio that they didn't like being loaded 'selectively' (i.e. loading only some of the components) - is NXT more stable or do you need to load all the relevant parts (Audio, Video, Photo) to avoid difficulty? It's such a big program!


Thanks in advance

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I understand that it's unlikely either NXT or NXT 2 or the Pro version of either suite will be able to use project files created by Creator 2009. Roxio suites are not known for backwards compatibility of saved project. You should either complete the project in Creator 2009, or else rebuild it from scratch in NXT.


Please be advised the current version is Creator NXT 2, and Creator NXT is over a year old already, and has only a year left of support life. The current version has two years.


NXT Pro 2 requires just over 5 GB to install everything. I haven't tried installing subsets, so I can't help you with that question.



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