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Burn .mov File To Dvd So It Plays When Disc Is Inserted Into Drive

Michael Flashpoint


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Need more information. When the .mov file is in the Toast Video window there is a description of the video's specifications. What are those? Typically people don't make DVDs to play on computers. Instead they make a data disc because another computer can play the original video file. So you might do that instead. In that case choose DVD-Rom (UDF) as the file format in the Toast Data window.


The reason to make a video DVD is to play it on a standalone DVD player.

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You haven't told me what the resolution is of the original video. A video DVD is 720 x 480. A typical computer screen is four times or more that size. If they are attempting to watch it at full screen it will look bad because it is spreading the pixels out so much. Ask them to view it at actual (or normal) size.


If your original video also is 720x480 or 640x480 it should look much the same as the original. But if your original is higher resolution it will be reduced in quality to meet the limitations of the video DVD spec. Let me know what you're starting with.

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