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Unable To Open Easy Audio Capture



Hi Guys,


I am running Easy Media Creator 9 LE on my Windows 7 OS.


Everything else works fine, except I can't open Easy Audio Capture.


I have opened it from the start menu, I allow it to open as it comes from an "Unknown Publisher"...and then nothing!


I can see the little icon on the bottom taskbar, but after a double mouse click - nothing opens


Why is it so??!


Has Sony Music made them turn it off....Too much recording You Tube?


I also tried to do an update to version 9.1, this time the Install Wizard, said it was the wrong version and just took off.


Thanks for your help



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I'm having something similar. Only with EMC 10. This just started a couple of days ago. Capture would load but wouldn't operate. And now, on loading, it sits on the taskbar (I'm using XP) but won't come to life - if you know what I mean. It just sits there and does nothing! I have deleted and re-loaded my EMC10 but it's still the same. Any ideas?

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