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Please Help! No Gameplay Audio!



Hi there,

after alot of trubles back and fourth i've finaly got a working roxio gamecapure HD pro. however there is just one problem. i record some footage (i record pc footage. no console.), and when i watch the footage later there is no gameplay sound. it records video but not audio. why? and can someone help me, please. i got my roxio gamecapture HD pro for christmas, but that one didn't work. so now i've finaly got a new one but it dosen't record Audio. so please help.


if it matters here's my systems specs. (its a laptop)

windows 8.1 64-bit

geforce gtx 770m

intel core i7-4700mq processor

8gb RAM

HDD: 750 GB 7200RPM


please excuse my english. i am a Norwegian so my english isnt actualy flawless to say the least.

but please help! Please help me, anyone who can help as soon as possible, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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Okay I'm not sure if this will help, or if anyine will actually read it but i just had a problem with my Roxio Game Capture (regualr SD). So what happened was i went to record with my new headset and mic but when i recorded it had no audio when I went to edit it.....I searched around for a while and could not find a solution...Then I found something that related skype to screwing with the audio so I uninstalled it from my computer. NOTE: this is the only thing I did between my succesful recording and the one with no audio. It still did not work. So i went into my audio center and clicked audio devices. In this case I have Realtek HD audio center (windows seven machine) and clicked on the recording tab at the top. Next i went to the Roxio (line in) and right clicked. From there I went to properties and then went to LISTEN. There is a check box labeled "listen to the device", subsiquently it was unchecked so I checked it, left the audio center, recorded and it worked....I am guessing that Skype did this, because I never knew that that even existed before now and did not touch it. Hope this helps and please if anyone else asks feel free to share this information.

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allright so i found the HDMI display, and now i think why am not getting any audio, becase the HDMI display says not conected. it is the Nvidia HDMI output i'm talking about. it says not conected. but it is conected. however it seems that it dosen't register it, wich meens that i cant set it to default. does anyone know why?

thanks for the help by the way. much appreciated.

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alright, i finaly made it work. however it sims that by solving one problem i have recived another. because now it is recording audio, but i cant hear anything. so it is recording sound wich is tremendus, but by doing that i cant hear a anything. i think i know what the problem is, i just don't know how to solve it. i cant have sound on both HDMI and my headset. (by the way i am not using NVIDIA HDMI output but DEMO TDA 19978-4. is there any way to both record and listen to audio?

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