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Rendering Some Audio Missing

Jimmy Pie

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Using Creator NXT in Videowave adding clips to create a project. It contains some MPEG-2files and some AVCHD Video (.MTS) files. In the preview while editing all audio is present. I then choose output select mpeg-2 normal quality after the rendering is complete I'll check the file and any clip of the AVCHD has no audio. First I tried the "Repair" option on my Roxio install disk. Did not work. Then I rendered every AVCHD clip as a MPEG-2 individually. When checked each individual file the audio was present. I assembled all the converted clips again and rendered to mpeg-2 normal and all the clips that were AVCHD but rendered to mpeg-2 again had no audio.


Machine specs: Dell XPS Windows 8.1 64 Bit (automatic upgraded after Roxio was already installed)

Processor Inte Core I-5 4440 CPU@ 3.10HZ 3.10HZ Ram 12GB





Took files back to my old Dell Inspiron 530 with XP SP3 and Creator 2010. All worked with no problems encountered. Convinced Creator NXT has issues with Windows 8 & 8.1 . Really a shame. I liked Creator 2010 but I can't accept I'll always have to use work arounds with NXT. That's not what I expect when I purchase software. I'll be looking for a more stable platform and certainly never recommend Roxio again.

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