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Add More Pictures


How can I add more pictures to the Roxio Photo Show Premium? I'm trying to make a memorial video of my son and the program only allows 198 pictures.

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I'm sorry for the loss of your son.


The premium version limits you to (from help files)

What is the maximum number of images I can include in a PhotoShow?

The maximum number of photos and/or video clips you can include in a PhotoShow you make online (or upload using Roxio PhotoShow desktop software) is 400.

What is the maximum file size of photos I can upload to Roxio PhotoShow for inclusion in my PhotoShow?

The file size limitation on a photo which can be uploaded to Roxio PhotoShow is 20 MB. Photos larger in size than 20 MB will not be accepted.


Are you using the desktop version? If not, you should. I suspect you may be running into the size issue.

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