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Error 0Xfffe850D (Roxio Failed To Burn This Disc).

Simon Noble


I am an experienced Roxio Drag to Disc user, with success using Roxio Creator 9.0 DE Drag to Disc provided from that CD source, on a Windows XP machine.


I am experiencing problems trying to get Roxio Easy CD and DVD burning (Windows 7 upgrade) to work on a Dell Optiplex GX650 with Windows 7 installed. The 700MB Verbatim CD-RW that worked fine on the old XP machine fails to burn when data files are dragged onto the Roxio Burn pop-up icon. The media will burn OK from the DVD-RW folder in the navigation pane and the burn will be appendable and able to be edited.


The error meassage is: "Roxio failed to burn this disc (Extended error: 0xfffe850d).


I am a microbiologist not a software engineer. I purchased the physical software on eBay and presently I am looking to do a mail-order return or solve the I.T. problem from this forum.


Roxio is held in high regard by me but this Easy CD and DVD burning software is letting a fine Company down. Roxio Support is un-navigable.


This Roxio software will be needed if we (Roxio customers) all move over to Windows 7 from XP soon...time is running out...Any suggestions as to how to proceed with a fix?


Dated: 14th February 2014

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Yes! I understood what you were describing...


That's progress.


It has been good communicating to you....a real pleasure.


I will probably go the way you describe.....Use CD-R and the Windows embedded burner with dedicated disc for each machine. A bit untidy and no real utility for working away from each PC though. It will all resolve when the XP hard drive packs.


Kind regards from Simon.

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Hello Brendon,

The product was returned to Oyyy.co.uk and PayPal refunded.


I just kept the disc inscriptions from the disc centre markings, so that the CD could be identified on a bench:

YC 2702


|FP| LD02

Product Key:

Barcode: PN:220810 EU

Product: 8767 13125 3


In answer to your question:


The desktop gadget would not burn a CD-RW. Only Read Only burns were possible from the main program. Burns of CD-RW intended to be edited and appended were not able to be produced. Discs were not exchangable between XP and Windows 7 machines.


The desktop gadget that came packaged with the physical, boxed edition of "Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning (Windows 7 update)" software, would not burn a disc (test media used: 700MB Verbatim CD-RW). This test media was otherwise successfully burned by my Dell PC with its Windows 7 bundled, burning software; also this test media burned successfully with the old Roxio Burn gadget packaged in my old Roxio Creator 9.0 DE software, currently installed on my Windows XP machine.


I am hopeful that an online download of Roxio Burner from Roxio eStore will work as advertised, on my new Dell - Windows 7 PC. Otherwise the Windows 7 Dell PC just waits unused.


The old Roxio Creator 9.0 DE desktop gadget was like a tap-washer....it installed and worked perfectly. Sorry I can no longer assist with a version number.


Kind regards from Simon.

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Hello Simon,


It may be a little pointless me trying now to diagnose the problem you were facing, since you've returned the product and have no further need of the solution, and [ii] no means of verifying a solution, but I'll try my best.


I think I can see a reason for what you were experiencing.

Please see post #9 in this topic http://forums.suppor...ve/#entry454321 to see the difference between discs written by Drag-to-Disc and those written by Creator or Roxio Burn.


In Creator 9 DE you've been using Drag to Disc [D2D] so your CDRWs have necessarily been formatted for that system. Now when you had Easy CD & DVD Burning, you found that the program wouldn't write to those formatted CDRW discs, but would write to CDR discs.

You said your test media could be burned with the "old Roxio Burn gadget packaged in my old Roxio Creator 9.0 DE software", and also with Windows 7 burning software, but not with Easy CD & DVD Burning.


The reason for this behavior is likely to be because your CDRW discs are formatted for packet-writing with D2D, and need to be erased before using for authoring.

-Creator 9 DE had Drag to Disc [D2D] and you would have your discs formatted for that.

-The "old Roxio Burn gadget" is actually D2D, and the native Windows Live File System in Windows 7 is actually a packet-writing system very close to D2D.

-Drag to Disc was removed from Easy CD & DVD Burning after version 9. You would have had version 14. The Roxio software now uses only the authoring system.



You are talking about "an online download of Roxio Burner from Roxio eStore". You will likely have to erase those CDRW discs to make them unformatted before they will work with that software.




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Hello Brendon,

I understand and agree with you....it is possible. I reasoned much the same mechanism.


I resolved it as two possible options:

a) As you describe above.

B) A problem of transfer of title (Registration) on resale, since the product was purchased on eBay. There may have been subsequent activation problems, if there were more than one computer or user registered at Roxio.


I did attempt numerous Erase operations on the test Verbatim 700MB CD-RW but to no effect. I am assuming now that any CD-RW will not erase completely and some restrictive formatting remains.......the only logical explanation for a used CD-RW failing to burn with the Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning (Windows 7 upgrade) software.


Microsoft will be wondering why my Windows 7 Dell computer is collecting dust and the XP machine is hard-at-work. Its Roxio's fault.


I have a thought that I will have to dedicate brand new CD-RWs to the Dell, if you and I agree on your explanation above. Brendon...I will have to try to locate the online download of Roxio Burner and try it. The problem is that there aren't any reviews and it isn't a UK sourced product......it comes from the USA.


I did try to email Roxio but I only found one link that worked and that was intended for OEM customers; I did get an email off. Roxio needs to know that the old D2D gadget was a 100% perfect tool. On-the-fly incremental backing-up of files (File>Save); an Open disc on Eject; synchronised backing-up of multiple PCs onto a shared CD-RW, is what Roxio should be concentrating on...it was their unique selling point.


Many thanks from Simon...it is good that you are around.

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Hi Simon,


I don't think your second option is a likely cause. Where registration is required, it's usually linked to installation, and not activation of modules.


D2D was last offered by Roxio in about 2007, and I would venture to say it won't be back. I did mention that it's offered as the default built-in writing method in Windows 7, so if you really want it, try the Windows Live file system. It's quite well written-up in the Windows 7 Help system.


The good thing about packet-writing systems was the ability to back up one file at a time to optical media, and free up the space when you deleted a file.

But this good thing came tied to a very bad thing. Every time you added or deleted a file, crucial parts of the file system had to be re-written.

Putting 500 files on most of the disc is written only once, but the system area has had 500 or 1,000 writes. The numbers mount up.


Despite the number of re-writes a disc might be able to take, it was easy to reach the point where some of the system areas of the disc would get plumb worn out and refuse to take a write or to erase - while the rest of the disc was hardly used. On the Board here we saw a large number of cases where a disc became unreadable because of a system area fault, and people lost all the files on the disc. Writing RWs is useful if you watch what you're doing, but nowadays CDRs are so cheap I'd only use RWs for testing and certainly not to backup my precious stuff.


Yes, it's unfortunate that Roxio software can't be bought locally from Roxio in the UK. The current owners of the brand [Corel] don't seem inclined to change that, so you get hit with currency conversion and VAT and E.U. tangles and such stuff. Support has been markedly reduced under the new owners, too. [sigh] Modern commerce?


Go well,


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Hi Simon,


What is the version number of the software you're using? Please run the program, go to Help > About this software, and tell me the version and build numbers.


Your statement is confusing. "The 700MB Verbatim CD-RW that worked fine on the old XP machine fails to burn when data files are dragged onto the Roxio Burn pop-up icon. The media will burn OK from the DVD-RW folder in the navigation pane and the burn will be appendable and able to be edited."


Can you clarify that please? Does it burn or doesn't it?




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