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Dvd Slideshow Made With Easy Cd And Dvd Burning Doesn't Play On Laptop Properly



I used slideshow assistant to assemble a slideshow with music behind it.


I then clicked burn to disc.


The disc had a few problems.


Three of the slides came out as a black screen.


More importantly, though, when my friend tries to play it in her laptop so she can project it, it splits the one slide show into two separate files. One ends in the middle of a song, and then she has to click the other file to make it play.


It doesn't do this when I play it on my regular DVD player. That's the most important thing I need to fix.


Also, at one point, for less than a second, there's a green flash. I have no clue what's causing that.


I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium.


Easy CD and DVD Burning Home

Version: 10.3.104

Build: 101B04A, ECD


I have an Acer computer and I have an ATAPI DVD drive.


Does anyone have any helpful suggestions?


Thank you in advance for your thoughts.

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First - the 'black slide' has been an occasional issue for some time... Some say it is due to picture size whereas I have never been able to duplicate it in spite of blowing some up to triple size :lol: In any case, try resizing them down 720 X 480 before creating the slide show. In PhotoSuite there is a nice Resize tool.


Note that 720 X 480 is the maximum size for all DVD Movies. No matter what your pictures all, they are always reduced to that for a DVD -_-


I have no idea what you are describing when you say that 'it splits them into 2 files'???


You made a DVD Movie, it is played like any DVD Movie and there are no 'files'...


But a couple of general tips are in order ;)


Regular 4.7 GB DVD's hold
1 hour
of HQ DVD Movie!

(trying to put on more makes playback trouble)


Quality Media -
Verbatim (Singapore) and Taiyo Yuden (JVC)
- is the only thing you should be using.


DVD RW is only used for 'testing' and never for anything you value.
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