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A Few Very Big Issues With This Product...



hey guys, i bought the Roxio Game capture HD pro yesterday, and i kind of feel like it wasn't worth the 120 euros i spent on it...

there are a number of issues which means i really can't record gameplay ANY easier than without this product, rendering it almost completely useless for me


1: clicking the "test bandwidth" button under livestream options softlocks the video editor (once you click start, the "back" and "X" buttons are disabled, if you click "stop" the "stop" button is also disabled, and the window never does anything, but also blocks input to other windows)

2: clicking "live stream" never starts a livestream even though my login details are correct and i can stream just fine using xsplit

3: the video stream from the capture card isn't usable in ANY other software due to the fact that it last-minute chroma-keys the stream feed to pixels with color code #100010, only AFTER all other programs have tried to render it when screen capturing, and the camera device is unavailable for any program other than the accompanying software)

4: even screen capturing from the preview (as done when following the "using OBS to livestream") shows a black screen (as per the chroma keying issue mentioned above

5: capturing to disk doesn't allow me to use a microphone as a secondary input.

here's what live streaming looks like on twitch(it shows the wii main menu just fine on my screen)



This ends up meaning that, in order to capture a gameplay video, i need to:

record the video using the accompanying software while recording my voice alongside it

find some way to sync the audio/video

use windows movie maker to combine the audio/video tracks

re-compress the video after rendering the combined tracks (because video editors, in my experience, decode a 100 mb video file to a 5-6 GB raw video file when rendering)


and THEN upload it to youtube


i bought this product in the hopes of avoiding those 5-6 extra steps involved in combining gameplay + voice tracks, but turns out that's utterly impossible because the capture card has NO WAY of working together with any of the dozens of ways i have that would avoid this laboreous process that can take SEVERAL hours of work for something that seemingly trivial (XSplit, open broadcaster, g+ hangouts, capturing the preview screen, etc etc etc, none of them seem to work)


i'm sincerely hoping someone has any ideas on how to use this product in any way other than "save gameplay video + gameplay audio to disk" because i'd expect at least a LITTLE bit more variety than that for this pricetag


EDIT: while trying to make a screenshot of what setting up the stream is like, i noticed something EVEN MORE confusing


making a screenshot of the stream, and pasting it in paint, results in a LIVE VIEW of the stream within paint...

here's what i mean(used a physical video camera to record it because the capture card is weird):



EDIT2: seems like what it's doing is Chroma-keying the color #100010 to the stream (or R:16 G:0 B:16)

this means all other software will still see the stream as #100010 instead of the stream, this seems very much like a conscious decision, as well as a way of consciously FORCING all users to use your software, since it's completely impossible to see the stream before it's rendered to screen


EDIT3: completely forgot, tech specs might be useful


Graphics: NVidia GeForce 720M + Intel integrated graphics card

CPU: Intel Core i5

OS: windows 8.1

USB 2.0/3.0

memory: 6GB

HDD: 750 GB ~350 GB free on my recording partition

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I can clear up a couple items...


Streaming does not work as intended (Twitch & Justin) and has not been fixed!


Several users have been using OBS and do so without issues - at least as far as I know.


Your screen cap of a live video is not uncommon - happens with all video players since playing DVD Movies on a PC came into being.


If you Capture game play, you can edit it and send it directly from VideoWave to YouTube or render it into a file of your choosing in any quality you set it for. YouTube does recode files depending on your privileges.


No idea what you are talking about with the Chroma???


You never said how you are connected and to what?

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well i ended up fixing the problem by running windows 7 in a virtual machine and screen capturing from that


by the chroma key thing i mean any on-screen pixels with color value 16 red, 0 green, 16 blue were being replaced by the roxio video stream just before being sent to the screen, this meant that trying to capture the screen region that contained the video stream ended up just capturing a black area with that color value instead of the "final" rendered footage, so if you tried to stream like that it would send a black screen instead of gameplay footage (it also explains why i was getting a live, animated- stream feed on a screenshot in paint)


i believe this may be partially caused by windows 8 not being fully supported yet, so i have hope future drivers will fix some of the problems


Running windows 7 in a virtual machine allows the screen to be fully rendered before being captured by XSplit/OBS, avoiding the problems i had


Thanks for the quick reply regardless,

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