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Video's Play As Still Pictures Not Movies



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Yes indeed I'm using an HP laptop. The Quicktime version is 7.7.4. I updated it when checking and got the message that it was up to date. The video sizes vary but they are well under 50mb. I uploaded one video just a few seconds long and it played as a still just as multiple videos do.

All of the video clips were taken using my Iphone5.

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How long did you wait until you tried playing the PhotoShow? Did you try playing the PhotoShow from your earlier attempt?


OK, let's try this. After you put your PhotoShow together, output it to a wmv or mpg2 file. When that completes, use the free VLC Player (from Video LAN) to play it. Do you have the video or the still images?


I've used IPhone video before but they were sent to me rather than me taking them. If the above doesn't work, download a free Video converter and convert the mov files to something else that the program will accept. Try making a video using those converted files. I check my computer for mov files and try to make a PhotoShow with them.


Edit: I'm starting to put a disclaimer on my posts in this part of the forum. I believe the last time the program worked properly was about 4 years ago. Roxio (or Corel) seems to be unable or unwilling to fix the program. It is too bad because it is excellent for making the PhotoShows but not so good at outputting them.

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What I did, was click "Make a Photoshow", upload the video/'s and then before finalizing the project, when playing back it only shows a still image from each video. Right now, I just tried to make a new project using the same videos and this time I was going to finalize it and guess what- It's giving me a message that say's it cannot load the videos. Ha ha ha. That's it for me I think.

Thanks for your help anyway DG. I appreciate your expertise and your help. Corel obviously doesn't care that this product doesn't work. It's not where they make their money I guess.

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I downloaded the Photoshow 6 software to my computer. I loaded some .MOV clips to a new project but they play as still images. Is this how the program is supposed to work? I expected that they would play as a movie, not a series of still pictures.


There is a limit on size and that may be the issue. The maximum file size of a video clip that can be uploaded to a PhotoShow is 50 MB.


How big are the mov files? 50 mb is not very long.


Do you have the latest version of Quicktime on your computer? I assume you are using a PC>

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