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Copy A Dvdr That Cannot Be Finalized,then How Do You Finalize That Copy?



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I made a DVD+R on a stand alone DVD recorder through componet video outputs,it fails to finalize. I then made a copy of that DVD with Roxio Creater NXT 2.....No where in all of the "help" is this subject mentioned at all. Any Ideas? thanks


Generally video DVDs are automatically finalized. What does you DVD recorder say about finalizing? What do you mean by "it fails to finalize"? Any error messages?

Can you play the DVD on a stand-alone DVD player?

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The video recorder you used has to be the one to finalize it! Should be something in the Menu Options on that device...


On the other hand WHY do you think it needs finalized??? Is there a VIDEO_RM Folder on the disc?


What is the brand of media you you used? What is the overall length (TIME) of this video?


Most cases, users are leaping to false conclusions based on a very generalized error message ;)


I haven't worked with a VR Project in years :D


We can most likely get you running but best to know a lot more facts before starting.

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