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Trying To Burn Data Dvd For Hybrid Mac Pc Is Not Readable On Pc



I am running Toast Titanium 11.2 on iMac Mavericks


In Toast I clicked Data tab and select Mac PC format

I then drag folders and files from Finder into Toast to burn it.

After it burns data to blank DVD, I try playing disc on PC Windows 7 and it sees it as an Audio disc with Track01 and nothing else.


When I try to play disc on Mac- it shows nothing inside either and it is blank.


I have tried burning data DVD 4 times and each time the disc is unreadable on PC and Mac.


Am I missing something or is this just broken with Toast?

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I just completed a Mac & PC data burn of 3.3 GB to a DVD and it is readable on both the Mac and a PC running Windows 7. I'm really stumped about why it didn't work for you. Generally it is best to click the New Disc button before adding any files of folders.

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If I choose DVD Rom as data format will the files be viewable on both PC and Mac? If it is then why have PC Mac format (which is not working) then?


Has anyone gotten any of this to work to be able to read data files on both PC and Mac? My data files are just jpg picture files.

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