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Audio/video Out Of Sync

analog kid

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While the video is playing I noticed the dialog was not in sync with the people talking. I tried a DVD as a test, & it worked well until about half way through the video. I am using the RCA cable set up becouse the VHS player does not have s- video. The computor is a HP Pavilion dm 1-3025dx laptop. I have attached the specs.

computor specs.txt

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HDD = Hard Disc Drive


Whereas SSD = Solid State Drive (not to be defragged as they are life limited in reads & writes ;))


In My Computer ~ right click the drive and select Properties. Then click the Tools tab and there it is.


Most PCs will have it set to a Maintenance Cycle, and when you click it, it will tell you when it was last run and the level of fragmentation. - that level is overly optimistic!


The drive is just one part of it though and you need to make sure the other things I listed are in order -_-


Let us know how you make out.

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