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Mini Dv Player Not Recognized



Sony Mini DV DCR HC32 and DCR PC55 NTSC. The latter's motor drive works intermittently, so I may have to rely on the older first camera above. Both Sony mini DV's, tried all the cables which came with them, bought firewire cable to new firewire card, Windows 8 on new computer, Window 7 on another, Windows Vista on a Dell laptop, Windows XP pro on a Dell desktop, Macbook Air laptop, etc.

None of these will recognize the camera for more than a brief few seconds when something hangs up. I tried downloading software drivers for them from Sony, still no good.


Question is: If I buy the Roxio VHS to DVD 3 plus, will the cable supplied be more likely to have the device recognized, or will trying to get the device to be seen be made possible by working from inside the program? Or if I can't get the device to be 'seen' by the computer than buying the program and hardware be just another waste of time and money, as it has to be 'seen' by the computer first?

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There really are not any "cables" supplied with the EVD 3...


YOU must provide a USB Cable to go between the Capture Device and your PC.


YOU must provide an appropriate cable to go between the Capture Device and your Source device (Composite or S-Video)


However, let's revisit your camcorder... Even with a Firewire you would have to have specific Software to make a capture - you can't just plug and smile, it doesn't work like that... What were you using?


Also Win7 has some issues with firewire devices. I know my Analogue to Digital Converter will NOT work in Win 7. (I have not tried any with Win 8 but I suspect it will be worse)


Also EVD 3 may have issues if your camcorder fails during capture. Many users complain that it stops capture whenever their's hits any sort of video noise or lose of signal.


Of course you could try it but keep in mind you may need to find a used camcorder that can utilize those tapes ;)


Also keep in mind that the EVD Software is Specific to either a PC OR A MAC but will only work on the one you buy it for.

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Yes, I have cables. Hooked up camera with supplied cables to USB or mini-DV to USB, firewire. The camera do not appear in my computer, does not exist as far as computer concerned, not visible!


You don't seem to want to supply any information, just minimal answers...


Based on what you have told me, we are pretty much done here - best of luck!

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