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Upgraded Toast 11.1 To 11.2 Over The Weekend. Now Toast Crashes On Launch Every Time



Processor 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

Memory 3 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM


Graphics Intel GMA 950 64 MB

Software Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G63)


Toast Titanium 11 has been running like a champ until this weekend when the upgrade to 11.2 window popped up on launch. Sure, I thought, and did so. Now I get a crash on every launch attempt.


Screenshot of Problem Report attached


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Footydad you are not alone!


I would rate the Toast upgrade somewhere between useless and a shambles personally!


Not only was the install process difficult or unworkable aside from helpful members of this forum, the software is buggy and slow. When using I regularly have to re-start it and it only works the second time round. Importing .m2v files is often slow, associating .ac3 files doesn't work. Other times merely importing a file to create a video or a data CD / DVD causes the software to no longer respond. On two occasions I have even had to re-start the Mac. I have found that using Toast's 'add' files button works better than dragging in from Finder.


As for a solution, trashing prefs and / or re-install as helpfully suggested by tsantee is a good suggestion. My current preference is simply to load up Toast, quit then start up again as the second time invariably seems to work bizarrely!

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Thanks for the suggestions and support. I could not find the Toast plist and prefs files on my hard drive. I looked, as tsantee suggested, in users and found no library folder there.


There was a library folder at the same level as my applications folder on my hard drive, and inside it there was a preferences folder with many files denoted plist, but nothing that said toast or roxio.


So I did trash the Toast folder and downloaded the 11.2 upgrade and installed it, only to come up with the same thing. It started to load, crashed and generated an error report like that seen above.


I would hate to have to pay to talk to support people since Roxio sent me the news of the update and I trusted them. My old version worked like a champ, and I'm wondering if the support for the OS 10.9 Mavericks in the upgrade is the problem, since my mid-2007 Mac Mini isn't supported for Mavericks, and I'm limited to running 10.7.5


Is there any way I can get my 11.1 back? Unfortunately I bought it as a download and stupidly did not make a backup. Any help gratefully welcomed.

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The User Library is hidden. It is accessed by holding down the Option key when selecting Go in the Finder's menu. It doesn't make sense to me that 11.2 crashes when 11.1 did not. The things I'm aware of that make Toast crash would apply to both versions.

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I don't know why that is happening. I suggest trashing the Toast folder and the Toast plist and prefs files in your User>Library>Preferences folder, then downloading the Toast 11.2 update from Roxio's Software Updates page and reinstalling.

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