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Panorama Maker Doesnt Work ,terrible..



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I would like to know if somebody could help me ,my registered copy of ROXIO CREATOR 12 Pro doesn't work on Panorama Assistant,look the weird file I'm quite pissed off,any advice?


Panorama in Roxio Creator 2012 (there is no Roxio Creator 12) works just fine as you can see from my 3 screenshots.


Perhaps if you were to give some more details someone could help and not just state "doesn't work". What kind of pictures are you adding? Has it ever worked?


Have you tried a repait?





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Don't blame me I were so disappointed...so that's Really a great program,but Don't know why start to function, just click on register the product and ask for a ticket.. waiting still now for an answer so I check having access to Panorama Assistant from the main desk,HOME where appear most used program instedad click on the small options and I upload and stitch every image I need..(without black and white squares as seen on my previous screenshoot,I'm not kidding was real...#$^@)

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Thanks for putting the screenshot in your first post. It showed that you had a valid problem, and that criticism of you was clearly unfair.


The sad thing is that we probably won't know what caused the problem now. The good thing is that the problem has gone. :)




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